October 16, 2008

Bocce Art

In trying to forge an identity for the new blog, I have only a vague idea of combining sport and art. As I approach 30, the thought of improving at any sport seems far off; new sports are for kids and hobbyists (people who think doing things you suck at can still be fun).

A year ago, I discovered urban bocce: 8 big balls, one smaller ball, a measuring tape, public cocktail consumption, and your municipal park tax dollars at work. From cow paddies to concrete abutments, since April of 2007, I have probably played 100 games of urban bocce in varying levels of sobriety.

This picture sums up where I think the blog might be headed. I would hang this over my fireplace if I had one. Behold the visual magnificience of my new #1 sport.

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Anonymous said...

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