January 28, 2010

Andre Dawson and other Funny Names

Andre Dawson (AKA The Hawk) doesn't want to enter the hall of fame as an Expo (a team he played ten years for, a team no longer in existence), but rather, a Chicago Cub (a team that will probably still be around in 100 years if baseball is). Though a lot of Expos "fans" are upset, it does make sense to want to enter the Hall of Fame with a city where there are still fans to clap you in. Compare it to finishing a marathon in 5 hours (when most participants are finishing and so there are loved ones at the finish line) to completing a marathon in 16 hours, where only the city's clean up crew is there, and really, they don't care. They've got more problems than your silly bourgeois fun-run.

Upon his 2003 induction, Gary Carter (#8, Caucasian, pictured below) asked to be let in as half Expo/half Met. This seems reasonable, but baseball is nothing if not unreasonable, and he was indeed inducted as a Montreal Expo. With class, Carter said a few words in French, and life, as it does, went on. But The Hawk seems to want to do no such thing. It took Dawson nine tries to be elected into the Hall of Fame, which is hardly evidence of a no-brainer decision, so he probably shouldn't complain (as Craig Gary Greenham likens it "It's like begging for a dinner invitation and then publicly whining about the dessert."). The puppy dog reaction to this story from "Expos' fans" (of which I was once one) is just another symptom of baseball nostalgia, of the good old days gone by. He never loved us. We know that now. Though this time, it's hit us where it hurts: right in our Canada.

Hey, Gary, did you hear the one about Phyllis Mangina? You didn't? Then check out the next section.

Hi, I'm Dick Butkus, but you probably know me as the coach on every 1980-90s sitcom (except Coach)

Ah, names. This link below is both nostaligic (Ron Tugnutt and Dick Butkus) and informative (Phyllis!). From the file of things I should have been researching, comes one of the most well done photo-retrospectives I have ever seen. Props to the site Manofest (hey, they're on theme) for multiplying masculinity times infinity!

Take a look at:
The 30 Dirtiest Names In Sports History


Anonymous said...
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Charley said...

Great post Spartan! I agree 100%, the Cubs are forever. In twenty or thirty years, young baseball fans won't even know who the Expos were, just like the Washington Senators. It's a shame the Hall didn't grant Andre's request.


Anonymous said...
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David Brock said...

Wow Charley,

A whole blog dedicated to Andre Dawson. Very nice.

What do you do now that he's in?

Benjamin said...

As someone who lives near Wrigley Field and who has to put up with Cubs fans day in and day out for the entire baseball season, I think its only fair to torture them further by making Dawson an Expo. After Dawson, there will be no more Expos admitted to the hall of fame. There will be plenty more Cubs...but please not Ron Santo.